Biceps concentration curls on the preacher bench

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In this video I'm showing you how to do one arm curls on a bench, isolating that biceps and getting it the final burn to end your workout. With this exercise you don't need a lot of weight, you can use moderate weight and concentrate only on the biceps. Do not rest at the top and be careful if you go all the way down as it can cause injury.

You can do it sitting or standing using a regular bench or the dedicated preacher bench, what is more comfortable for you and remember the biceps don't need a lot of sets for it to grow, keep working out hard and focus on those basic exercises like deadlifts, bent over rows, lat pulls, etc, and they will hit your biceps pretty hard.

I hope that helps, and THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!

What you can also do:

Sit down on a bench. Curve your torso slightly forward and lean your elbow on your knee.
Extend your arm completely. Bend your forearm and bring it near your biceps. Now return to the starting position, stretch your arm out fully.

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